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International projects implemented by employees of SEF:

Project's name, reference No

Fund Programme


OP-ACT (Options of Actions)                                                      Read more about project under OP-ACT                             

1.07.2010 -31.12.2012 

MOBENAW (Mobilise Energy Awareness)                                        EIE/07/027/SI2.466831                                                             Read more about project under MOBENAW       

Intelligent Energy - Europe programme1.10.2007 - 31.03.2010

MODEL (Management Of Domains related to Energy in Local Authorities)                                                                                    EIE/07/110/SI2.466269                                                              Read more about project under MODEL

Intelligent Energy - Europe programme 1.09.2007 - 30.04.2010

„Increase of non-government sector’s share is the mean to facilitate the execution of European Social Fund projects”

European Social Fund 1.09.2006 -  31.01.2007
"Elaboration and implementation of complex model of social rehabilitation of former convicts"
Contract with Society integration foundation No. VPD1/ESF/NVA/04/GS/
Read more about project under REHABILITATION
European Social Fund  01.05.2005 - 30.04.2006

"Opening the Labor Market for Women"                                      Main applicant: Resource Centre for Women "Marta"                 LM11.3-08/06-2005
Read more about project under EQUAL

EC Initiative EQUAL

1.02.2005 - 31.12.2007
SCOPE - translation of the training materials in languages of "new" EU countries. Translated in Latvian documents are located under "Dokumenti"EU Phare Business Support Programme 1.12.2004 -  1.11.2005

"Promotion of mutual understanding - road to integration of society"
Read more about project under Pagalms

EU Phare grant program “Promotion of integration of society in Latvia”

6.10.2004 -  30.05.2005

"Development of Wind Energy in Baltic Sea Region – Latvian Perspective"

EU Phare Co-operation Program in the Baltic Sea Region; 2001 – Grant Scheme

1.01.2006 -  31.12.2007

"Improving the Competitiveness of SMEs in Border Regions of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia Through Creating Franchising Network"

EU Phare Co-operation Program in the Baltic Sea Region; 2001 – Small Project Fund

28.08.2003 -  10.02.2004

"Creation of Rezekne Business Centre - Service component:  Training the Trainers"                                                            LE0012.02/0007/SC06

Phare National Program for Latvia 2000


26. - 28.02.2003

Seminars ”How to improve competitiveness on EU market”
Sub-contracting between SIA “Consensus PR” and European Commission Delegation in Latvia within the project Implementation of European Commission’s Enlargement Communication Strategy

Special program coordinated by European Commission Delegation in Latvia

15.- 16.04.2003