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Social Economy Foundation (SEF) was founded on March 3, 2003.

On June 18, 2004 SEF was reregistered in the Register of Associations and Foundations of the Republic of Latvia according to requirements of Latvian legislation.

Objectives of SEF:

According to Statutes, objectives of SEF are following:

  1. Provide researches in social, economical and local development areas;
  2. Promote development of social, democratic civil society;
  3. Provide services in area of social care and rehabilitation;
  4. Contribute employment, social cohesion and local development;
  5. Facilitate implementation of EU standards in local activity;
  6. Promote mastering of new, advanced social and technological knowledge;
  7. Contribute in development of the projects for improvement of ecological situation;
  8. Organize adult education.

Projects implemented by SEF

Information about projects, implemented by employees of SEF, you can find in section “Projects

Advisory (Co-operation) Council of SEF:

In November 2004 public Advisory (Co-operation) Council of SEF was created. Members of this Council are partners of SEF who expressed their intention to participate in the Council. Membership in the Council is voluntary, and Council is opened for participation to all kind of legal entities (Latvian, foreign and international). Currently members of the Council are:

  • Co-operative Society “Consultancy Centre of the Flat Owners”;
  • Resource Centre for Woman “Marta”;
  • Rezekne Support Centre of NGO’s volunteers “Meridians Pluss”.

Regulation of the Advisory (Co-operation) Council of SEF is available (in Latvian) here.

Supervisory Board

In accordance to the Statutes of Social Economy Foundation a Supervisory Board has been established. Supervisory Board has a right and responsibility to participate in strategic planning of SEF activities and to supervise the work of SEF Board.

SEF Supervisory Board is established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in general public interest ensuring closer link with the state bodies and local municipalities, thus stimulating more effective use of the project results carried out by Social Economy Foundation. More than half of Supervisory Board members should be appointed by the State, regional or local authorities or by other bodies governed by public law, from those territories where Social Economy Foundation is implementing its most important activities.


Since 2008 SEF in the project implementation cooperates with the foundation "Latgale Social Economy Foundation"